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Startup Expo 2019 NEW

Startup Missouri to host inaugural Expo for entrepreneurs

Startup Missouri will host its first Startup Missouri Expo on Wednesday, Oct. 30 at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel St. Louis-Chesterfield.

This trade show is designed to connect new entrepreneurs and startup businesses with resources to help them develop, manage, maintain and improve their businesses.

The Startup Expo is a new venture under the brand of Startup Missouri, the magazine launched by Missouri Lawyers Media in 2018. For more than 100 years, Missouri Lawyers Media has produced statewide business and legal publications focused on law and courts, politics, government, real estate and business.

What we hope to do [with the Expo] is to not just provide content in written form to the entrepreneur community in Missouri, but to then offer an experience and interaction that helps both our business partners and those entrepreneurs come together through thought leadership as well as demonstrations, speakers and classes.

– Publisher Liz Irwin

Tom Schlafly

Tom Schlafly

Missouri Lawyers Media Publisher Liz Irwin said expanding the company’s portfolio to include Startup Missouri was a natural fit, given its tradition of producing and delivering quality content for Missouri professional audiences. The magazine includes news, features and resources to assist business owners in their first year or two of operation.

“Attorneys are very interested in the startup community, [so] it makes sense we would dig into that,” she said. “And as we dug into it, we were fascinated by the diversity of entrepreneurs, the number of startups in Missouri, and why Missouri seems to be … certainly one of the forerunners of [entrepreneurial] activity.”

For startup businesses and the entrepreneurs who launch them, the early years are critical, Irwin noted.

“Just like humans — we start out needing some help in growing and moving along to get to adulthood,” Irwin said, adding that her team is learning more about entrepreneurs’ needs as the publication grows.

Gary Wilbers

Gary Wilbers

The upcoming Expo is the next building block to strengthen the Startup Missouri footprint within the statewide community.

“As a business-to-business media company, our focus on professions is through inch-wide, mile-deep coverage that can’t easily be accessed somewhere else,” Irwin said. “With the quality of our standards, the quality of our reporting and content, and our reputation, we believe [Startup Missouri] partners with our current business model as well as what our future may be in expanding quality content.”

Two keynote speakers will take the stage during the Expo: Tom Schlafly, chairman of the board of The Saint Louis Brewery LLC, which brews Schlafly Beer; and Gary Wilbers, a successful entrepreneur and coach, trainer and speaker to help individuals and organizations ascend to their peak.

Schlafly’s brewery, which received its license from the state in 1991, was the first brewery to open in St. Louis since Prohibition.  It is now the largest American-owned brewery in Missouri.

Schlafly is senior counsel at the Thompson Coburn law firm and has been one of the owners of the St. Louis Blues hockey team since 2012.

Wilbers, who has written three books, helps people take CHARGE (Create Habits Around Real Goals Everyday), which has become a mantra for taking daily action toward the goals people seek in business and life.

The Expo also includes trade show exhibits, an extensive list of educational sessions and panels, and an IdeaBounce® competition that includes a cash prize to the winner.

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